Condition of accommodation

  • By paying for a selected territory, you automatically agree with all conditions of your company’s placement.
  • After paying you acquire the right to placement of your company’s information for 12 months. Your logo, company information, and reference will exist throughout the paid period;
  • You can extend the lease term by 12 or 24 months if you want;
  • Companies which are not connected with financial markets cannot receive placement;
  • We want to collect only the best companies of this branch on the map. In accordance with this, the administration of the project reserves the right to refuse a company's placement if it believes that the company does not comply with the project's concept. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
  • The minimum purchase means purchase of one territorial unit from the list of accessible territories;
  • You can choose one or combine several adjacent free territories;
  • Free means any unpurchased territory;
  • The price of a territory is calculated according to its size, as well as other economic indicators of the country where it is located;
  • In the "COMPANIES" column the companies are organized by way of reduction of their leased territory cost;
  • After paying you will receive the border of the chosen territory in PSD format so that you will be able to make an attractive logo for this territory;
  • In response you will have to send a prepared picture in GIF or PNG format, and the picture should not be animated. You should additionally provide a link to your website, logo (for its placement in the "REVIEW" rubric), brief and detailed descriptions of your company in two languages (English and Russian);
  • If your company is already placed on the map, you will not be able to get back money paid for its placement;
  • If for any reason you want to remove your company's placement, the money paid for its placement will not be returned to you, but the territory will become free;