Alpari - Forex broker



Year: 1998

Company: Alpari Limited

Founded 17 years ago, Alpari is one of the most respected companies in the Forex industry, with multiple offices in 6 countries - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Impeccable reputation, innovative approach to business and dedication to the development of customer satisfaction is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Alpari.

Today Alpari - the largest company in the world of forex brokers. Thanks to the experience that the company has acquired over the years with work, Alpari offers its clients a wide range of quality services for the modern Internet trading in the Forex market. More than 1 million. Alpari clients have chosen as a reliable guide to the Forex-trading world. Clients Alpari reviews of collaboration with a positive, and this is an indication of the high quality of services.

Alpari provides traders with everything you need to trade in the Forex market:

  • A variety of trading instruments: currency pairs, Metals, CFD, and more
  • Binary options
  • Trading platforms for manual and automated trading
  • Reliable service, allows you to manage investors' funds, as well as providing the opportunity to invest their money in the accounts of experienced traders
  • Access to trade via ECN system
  • VIP-status for customers with a deposit of more than USD 50 000
  • Affiliate program
  • Trade Forex Education

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