Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Year: 2008

Company: The Woodbridge Company

Country: USA

Thomson Reuters is one of the largest and most influential news agencies in the world and the largest provider of financial information. Among the company's products, in addition to all the well-known news feeds intended for the media, the most important are considered to be professional solutions for the financial markets. In addition, Thomson Reuters provides access to quotes almost every exchange on the planet.

More than 50 thousand. Employees worldwide. Turnover in excess of $ 12 billion profit, reaching 2 billion dollars - Reuters today. Terminals Thomson Reuters is in almost every serious financial institution - a bank or brokerage firm. It would not be a stretch to say that the worldwide inter-bank transactions between dealers - most often it is Reuters.

Thomson Reuters products today:

In order to make the right investment decisions, and professionals, and ordinary investors need reliable information. This function performs Thomson Reuters, as soon as possible informing information to their customers about the newly published fundamental indicators, the Fed statements and so on.

Reuters News tape about the economy, politics, all the major events - were and still are the main product of the company. Interestingly, in addition to financial information, the agency is always in their subscriptions adds sports news. Apparently, to the dealers was not bored in the workplace.

In addition to business information, Thomson Reuters is the leading provider of exchange quotations, information on OTC transactions, as well as historical data and analytics.

To date, participants in the market offer the following basic information products.

Thomson Reuters Eikon - a fully functional shopping complex, which includes news feed, current and historical quotes, complemented by technical analysis tools based on Metastock Pro.
Thomson Reuters Elektron - information system and trading platform built on the base of a cloud service. System Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters).
Lipper - intelligent analytical system for funds and asset managers. This product allows you to fully solve all the complex problems facing organizations in this area - from the investment decision to provide the necessary statements.
Thomson Reuters Dealing - system transactions in the interbank market with the 30-year history. Today it is more than 18 thousand. Terminals in 128 countries. In fact, it is an opportunity to make a deal directly with any bank in the world.
Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger - electronic system of communication between specialists of financial institutions. The main difference from the other applications in this field - the confidentiality and protection of negotiations.

In general, we must admit that Thomson Reuters provides some of the most advanced set of tools for working in the financial markets. But while they have only one drawback: they are really very expensive. Unfortunately, they are too expensive for many medium-sized banks, and only on private investors to speak in general not necessary.

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