Forex Market Hours

Forex Trading Hours

Currency Market is open around the clock throughout the week. Forex reduced activity during holidays in the countries that make up the bulk of currency trading (US, Europe). The weekend auction also continuing, but the liquidity is so low that the majority of forex brokers that moment, access to the market does not.
Accepted provide four major economic zones, which operate at different times during a single trading day. Below is a schedule of trading in each zone, and some features.

Forex Trading Hours

Pacific Region
In this region, the largest financial centers are Wellington and Sydney. The strongest influence is on the bids by the Australian and New Zealand dollars.
Start of trading: 10:00 PM (GMT)
End of trading: 06:00 AM (GMT).

Asian Region
In this region, the most influential centers are Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong. The largest trade volume accounts for currency pairs associated with the Japanese yen.
Start of trading: 11:00 PM (GMT)
End of trading: 07:00 AM (GMT).

European Region
Focusing trade "old world" with powerful financial centers in Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt and, of course, London. During the period of these centers are active trades involving the euro, dollar, pound sterling, Swiss franc.
Start of trading: 06:00 AM (GMT)
End of trading: 03:00 PM (GMT).

American Region
The region with the largest trade opportunities. Financial Centers 'new world' - New York, Chicago. In the period of active work in the region may be strong movements in almost any currency pairs, especially those that have as their base or quote currency US dollar.
Start of trading: 12:00 PM (GMT)
End of trading: 08:00 PM (GMT).
The biggest surge in trading volume occurs on the Forex those moments when the same two trading sessions. Then the markets begin to move with a vengeance, there is plenty of shopping opportunities that can be used for profit. The most "quiet" period, said the Asia-Pacific trading, because at this moment there is practically no capital participation from Europe and the United States. When out on the market at the same time, Europeans and Americans, begins the "hottest" period of trading on the Forex. Depending on the type of trading strategy, a trader should choose an optimal trading period.