La finalidad de nuestro proyecto

La información es un valor fundamental para un comerciante. Información adicional paga por sí mismo muchas veces a lo largo y ayuda a obtener una posición de liderazgo. Formación de una buena salida profesional a partir de la recopilación de información.

MyForexWorld es un proyecto único que hemos creado especialmente para los comerciantes de la divisa. La base del proyecto es el conocimiento de las principales empresas de esta rama, que le fortalecer significativamente al instante.

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On our interactive map we collect the best companies and services connected with financial markets from all over the world. On it you can find:

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The largest brokerages in the world

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The best thematic sites and forums

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As well as other useful services

Thanks to the demonstration of differently sized territories on the map you will be able to visually estimate how large and successful the company is according to the territory leased by it.

Follow the appearance of new companies on an interactive map. Perhaps with their appearance you will find additional possibilities for trade!

Read the "Companies News" column or simply subscribe to our pages on social websites and you will be aware of hot news on all companies placed on our map, as well as always know about the development of a new company.

You will not even notice how your work style will change. Constant involvement in the internal mechanics of vast market, the study of successful experience, important analytical tools – all of these will work for you and your professional growth.

The era of fragmented knowledge is over. Project MyForexWorld has combined all the proper companies which are necessary for successful work.

Let sound knowledge guide you, not unpredictable fortune.

Welcome to the world of professionals with MyForexWorld!